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fotonVR Received E-Governance Award For Innovative Use Of ICT

The 23rd National Conference on e-Governance was held at Mumbai, Maharashtra. State/UT Government organizes the National Conference on e-Governance every year since 1997. fotonVR (virtual Reality in Education) was awarded a silver medal in the category of Innovative Use of ICT in e-Governance solutions by Start-up, it was the proud moments for Gujarat. The fotonVR provides 3D and 360 degrees based education for Science. Dr. Jitendra Singh (Union Minister of State), Aaditya Thakare (Cabinet Minister of Tourism and Environment Government of Maharashtra) and Satej.D Patil (IT Minister of Maharashtra) was the guest of honor of the conference.

fotonVR Received E-Governance Award For Innovative Use Of ICT

An exhibition including a wall of fame showcasing the awarded and other best practices of the country was also organized during the conference.

National awards for e-Governance is organized every year to recognize and promote excellence in the implementation of e-Governance initiatives.

The purpose of the award is to recognize achievements in the area of e-Governance, Disseminate knowledge on effective methods of designing and implementing sustainable e-Governance initiatives, Encourage innovations in successful e-Governance solutions and  Promote and exchange experiences in solving problems, mitigating risks, resolving issues and planning for success.

Awards are divided into 6 Categories, and fotonVR is awarded in the fifth category.

  1. Excellence in government Process re-engineering for digital transformation.
  2. Excellence in providing Citizen Centric delivery.
  3. Excellence in a district-level initiative in e-Governance.
  4. Outstanding research on citizen centric services by academic/research institutions.
  5. Innovative Use of ICT in e-Governance solutions by Startups.
  6. Excellence in adopting Emerging technologies.

According to officials, the jury of National e-Governance awards 2020 received at least 739 nominations from various government departments in Central government and State governments and Union Territories. The Jury has selected the top 20 nominations for the prestigious awards for this year, and fotonVR was one of them. It was a proud moment for fotonVR.

There are a number of nominations are received in this category but fotonVR was selected because it is helping to solve India’s core problem in the education system. In India, schools are using Blackboard, Smartboard, Projector for teaching these are very less imaginative, students have not involved themselves that much, no fun in teaching and absence of practical approach. After all these things results come out with less interest in the study, less skill improvement, high drop out, less interest in coming to school, but they find a satisfactory solution of all these problems in our new education concept.

We have identified that conventional learning methodologies are less helpful to students to understand the complex concepts of science. Each student has to imagine every aspect of scientific theory and to be on board with the teacher’s explanations, which might be a very difficult task for both teachers & students. So our team comes up with this idea of learning science concepts using VR tech. We have created VR content in such a way that it adds a feeling of being in the presence of another real-like world. This immersive feeling adds fun to learning. It won’t be boring anymore to learn anything new.

What is the impact on the e-Governance? Students’ school attendance ratio can be increased, enhances less skilled teachers’ teachings, all classrooms Live reports to govt, VR technology enters in Indian classrooms before developed countries for the first time.

What is the impact on society? kids’ imagination power will be increased, mugging up concepts would be reduced, society can expect more future scientists, student’s interest in learning will increases.


We cover up to class 10 science subject Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of CBSE Board and State Board (NCERT Syllabus), our virtual content is available in multiple languages like Hindi, English, Kannada, Gujarati. 500+ concepts for 101 chapters of science ready to deliver.

Cloud access for schools and government they can monitor all the daily base report of the schools online, We have developed a facility for VR classroom reporting via a web portal for the monitoring of schools, teachers & students.

The principal can monitor the digital auto-attendance and performance of students and teachers in the VR Classroom daily bases. We provide Parent App so they can monitor and analyze their child’s performance & growth and attendance.

Co-founders of the company think that this recognition will help to bring the company to the next level. The company is planning to set up a VR classroom in all states of India with the help of the Government.