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How VR can help Deaf and Dumb students

How VR can help Deaf and Dumb students

There are 2.68 crore persons with disabilities in India. Such differently abled have their own difficulties in learning. They can neither hear nor speak as other students can. For deaf and dumb students, it’s very difficult to explain anything them. They require more help even to understand any word, as they could only understand by expressions. Our team visited a school for deaf and dumb to understand how VR can help Deaf and Dumb students in their learning objectives.

Why they have more problem in education

Differently abled people cannot travel easily, It’s not possible for them to go outside and visit places. And that’s why they are weaker in knowledge and study. Virtual reality can play a major role in training such students. VR makes it possible for them to reach anywhere, makes the study more engaging and interesting.

 It’s a way which shapes a student’s visualization. Virtual reality technology is useful not only to students but to teachers also to make any topic easy by showing virtually. Now, by VR technology, Teacher’s role will be changed from just content delivering to content exploring and facilitation.

fotonVR team visited a such, Deaf and Dumb School of Patan, India.

How VR can help Deaf and Dumb students

fotonVR is the solution for these differently abled students’ problems. fotonVR provides science tour for physics topic, body object, and other biology concept understanding by means of virtual and augmented reality. Using fotonVR students experience 360-degree views i.e. all sides of anything.  Foton VR learning is based on the fact that anyone can be learned best by doing rather than just reading or just by expressions! Foton VR leads students to the world which has no limits. It helps differently-abled (deaf and dumb) students to understand their environment.

More than 700 schools are training deaf and dumb students.

Where they understood the problems faced by students in their everyday routine of learning. They have discussed its solutions with the school’s teachers. Students of the school learned many topics of science like crop production, Body Parts, Digestive system etc using VR technology.

VR technology opens many doors of opportunities for these differently abled students. It is the way to bring them in current flow and making feel them they as able to learn as others. Good education expands many career opportunity for them.